Adventure tour

As travelers seek new and different experiences, adventure tourism continues to grow in popularity. Adventure tourism, according to the Adventure Travel Trade Association, is a tourist activity that includes a physical activity, a cultural exchange, or activities in nature.

You don’t necessarily have to go base jumping or go scuba diving with sharks to be an adventure tourist

Cave tour

Kahak cave, Parau cave, Pariyan cave, Ghoori-Ghale cave, and…

Canyon tour

Reghez Canyon, Chakrood canyon, Kamjel Canyon, Gazak canyon and…

Canyon tour

Reghez Canyon is the most beautiful canyon in Iran and includes more than 50 waterfalls and natural pools. The highest waterfall is 35 meters height. This valley is located near Darab city which is a small city near Shiraz southern Iran. This canyon is about 2500 meter long and the best choice in Iran for technical climbers and canyoneers. The best time for canyoning is from April to August.

Cave tour

Dark, humid, and silent, caves are mysterious natural wonders underground. There are more than 300 caves in Iran with different structures. If you enjoy life more when you face challenging adventures we recommend you to add these underground beauties to your itinerary for travel to Iran.

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