Kharanagh Village, Khaeanaq

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Kharanagh Village, Khaeanaq

Kharanagh Old Village
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Kharanagh is one of the scenic villages of Yazd province, which is located at a distance of about 70 km from Yazd city. This village is famous for its beautiful old texture and old houses. The houses of this village are nested in some cases on several floors, which is an interesting example of the architecture of the past of this land. There are many artifacts left in the village, some of which are still relatively intact and usable, including the old caravansary.





One of the beautiful structures in this village, which is also known as its symbol; It is a tall minaret that is wonderfully built and still intact. This minaret is a mosque and was built for worship ceremonies and call to prayer, but it was probably also used for observation and military purposes. The minaret of Kharanagh Mosque, like the minaret of Isfahan, is built in a way that it can move. This feature makes it more durable and can withstand large earthquakes.

Other monuments left in this village include its old bridge, which has remained beautiful and strong after many years.

Next to the old texture of Kharanagh village, there is an old caravansary, which, of course, has now been renovated and used as a residence for travelers.


Where is Kharanag village?

The historical village of Kharanaq is located in the north of Yazd, 70 km from Ardakan city, on the road from Ardakan to Tabas.

Address: Yazd province, Ardakan, 70 km east of Ardakan, Ardakan-Tabas road

The best time to travel to Kharanaq

The best time to visit Kharanaq is early spring, autumn and winter. In the spring season, good weather and blossoming trees make Kharanaq a pure destination. In summer, although the weather in Kharanaq is cooler than other centers of the province; You are not safe from the sun and this can be annoying. Kharanag autumn and winter are very cold; Although during the days, the weather is moderate and there is no strong sunlight.

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