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Iran Islands

Iran is a good choice for people who want to go on adventures and nature tours, and for those who want to visit historical and cultural attractions. But in Iran, we are going to talk about the islands in the south of Iran. It might be interesting for you to know that unlike the north of the country (Caspian Sea) where there is only one island called "Ashuradeh", in the south of the country there are about 25 islands near the Gulf Fars is located in two categories of residential and non-residential islands. Follow us to introduce the best islands in the south of Iran.



Which islands in the Persian Gulf can be visited?

A small number of Iranian islands can be visited by tourists. The rest of the islands are in the possession of the military or wildlife protection for various reasons, and entry to them is generally prohibited or requires a permit. You can see the list of these islands below.



Complete list of Persian Gulf islands

Qeshm Island
Abu Musa Island (Forbidden)
Kish Island
Lavan Island
Hendurabi Island
Shidvar or Maru Island
Larak Island
Hormuz island
Hengam Island
Big Tonb Island (Forbidden)
Small Tonb Island (Forbidden)
Siri Island (Forbidden)
Great Faror Island (Forbidden)
Small Faror Island
Mino Island
Ghabr-e Nakhoda Island (Permission required)
Boneh Island (Forbidden)
Dara Island (Permission required)
Kharak Island (Permission required)
Kharko Island (Permission required)
Farsi Island (Forbidden)
Nakhilo Island (Permission required)
Umm al-Gorm Island (Permission required)
Motaf Island (Permission required)
Tahmadon Island (Permission required)




How to visit the Persian Gulf islands?

A number of Iranian islands are open to tourists. For example, the islands of Qeshm, Kish and Hormoz can be visited without special formalities. You can enter these islands and enjoy visiting them by buying plane or ship tickets.

Some other islands in Iran require a permit, which is required to apply through a travel agency in Iran. Entering these islands without a permit can have legal consequences for you.




Are all the islands of Iran inhabited?

The important and well-known islands of Iran are inhabited and have cities and villages. For example, the islands of Qeshm, Kish and Hormoz are inhabited. But there are many islands in Iran where no human lives. For example, Nakhilo, Umm Algorm, Kharko and gharb-e Nakhoda.




Iran Ilands tour, guide in Iran?

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List of all Islands in Iran:

September 23, 2020
Hengam Island, Dolphin, Hormozgan, Iran

Hengam Island

Tala (Gold) wells are located on the edge of the old texture of Laft port and the view of the old windbreaks of this port next to these wells has doubled its charm.
September 23, 2020
Naz Island, Qeshm Island, Hormozgan, Iran

Qeshm Naz Islands, Naaz

Naz islands have a rocky beach and the height of its walls is between 5 to 10 meters, and for this reason, in fashion, they show a beautiful view with the presence of roaring waves next to these walls.
September 9, 2020
Dara Island, Khozestan, Iran

Dara Island

The word Dara means circle in local language and that is why it is called Dara here because the island is almost in the shape of a complete circle.
September 9, 2020
ghabr nakhoda island, Khozestan, Iran

Ghabr-e Nakhoda island

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