Dara Island

ghabr nakhoda island, Khozestan, Iran
Ghabr-e Nakhoda island
September 9, 2020
Nakhlestan Ab-pakhsh Groves, Bushehr, Iran
Abpakhsh groves
September 9, 2020

Dara Island

Dara Island, Khozestan, Iran
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Dara Island is one of the islands of Khor Musa, which is located at the mouth of this estuary and south of Mahshahr port. Dara Island is a relatively long distance from Bandar Mahshahr and to reach this island it takes less than 2 hours by boat.



The word Dara means circle in local language and that is why it is called Dara here because the island is almost in the shape of a complete circle. Of course, here, like the other islands of Khor-e Musa aria, it changes shape with the tides of the sea, and even part of the interior of the island becomes like a pool full of water.


Dara Island is a non-inhabited island and no human lives inside it, and the only permanent residents here are small rodents and reptiles that have turned the whole island into their property. No trees have grown on the island and only parts of the island are covered with small bushes. There is no fresh water inside the island and therefore even its short-term accommodation conditions are not favorable.


The island becomes a breeding ground for migratory birds in early May. For this reason, the Environmental Protection Agency is very sensitive to enter the island, and entering it requires correspondence and permission from this organization. After obtaining a permit and if the weather is favorable, you can visit the island.


Inside the island are small rats that barely reach 5 cm in size. If you spend the night on the island, these mice can consume your needs and it is better to pay attention to this issue.
Getting to the island at low tide is difficult because the distance from where the boat can stop to what is known as the island is long and you have to walk a long distance. So it is better to set the arrival schedule on the island so that you reach the island in fashion time so that you can go to the right place by boat. To return, you must do the same calculations, otherwise the water will go back quickly and your boat will not be able to return.

Mehdi Gholami.

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