Helen Protected Area

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November 4, 2020
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Helen Protected Area

Helen Protected Area
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Heavy snowfall and rain in the Zagros Mountains have made it possible to see signs of abundant water in these areas. Roaring rivers, vast lakes and springs are all reasons for the indescribable grace of the mountains for humans and animals.

“Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari”, due to its location among these blessed mountains, is one of the provinces where many and varied natural sights can be seen. In the west of the province, there is a large area called Helen, which is considered by the Environmental Protection Agency due to its rich flora and fauna. Many natural phenomena can be observed in this protected area. In many places, there are beautiful streams that have created unique landscapes by creating small and large waterfalls. Around these streams, all kinds of trees and plants native to the Zagros have grown, and for this reason, a suitable space has been created for feeding birds and animals, large and small.

A significant part of the Helen Protected Area is surrounded by high mountains with vertical and impenetrable walls, and in this space out of reach of humans, rich plant and wildlife has been created. Extensive oak forests with large trees and lush pastures are among the other features of this protected area.

Helen is one of the protected areas of Iran that is at the disposal of the Environmental Protection Organization to take care of this valuable ecosystem and its rich wildlife to be remembered for future generations. The region takes its name from an American nurse who married an Iranian Bakhtiari physician and came to Iran in 1931. Helen moved with her husband to the Bakhtiari tribe to treat people. Helen is named after the nurse for her services in the area.

Mehdi Gholami.

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