Tang-e Bostanak Protected Area

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Tang-e Bostanak Protected Area

Tang-e Bostanak Protected Area, Fars
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Protected areas are among the most important sights of every province and region, because by trying to preserve their nature, and the real beauties of nature can be seen in them. There are several protected areas in Iran, each of which is considered by nature lovers due to its wildlife and special vegetation.


Tang-e Bostanak is one of the protected areas of Fars province, which is located in the north of this province and at a distance of about 160 km from Shiraz city. This area is cared for by the Environmental Protection Organization due to its rich flora and fauna and extensive forests and pastures. A variety of animals such as bears, hyenas, jackals and foxes live in this protected area.


One of the important tourist spots in Tang-e Bostanak area is Beheshte Gomshode (Lost Paradise), which is known today as one of the tourist destinations in Fars and Iran. Lost Paradise is a small area of ​​the entire protected area and it is not correct to use this name for the entire protected area.


Most of this protected area is mountainous and has dense forest cover. Most of the walls in this area have steep slopes and are difficult or even impossible to reach.


Existence of abundant water and pristine and inaccessible environments has made this region one of the important wildlife habitats of Fars province.


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