Mulla Sadra Dam Lake

Tang-e Bostanak Protected Area, Fars
Tang-e Bostanak Protected Area
October 18, 2020
Kor River, Korr River, Fars, Iran
Kor River
October 18, 2020

Mulla Sadra Dam Lake

Mula Sadra Dam, Mulla Sadra, Fars, Iran
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The north of Fars province, with its mountainous climate and abundant rainfall, is one of the areas where many springs and rivers can be seen. Snowfall during the winter and its gradual melting cause the creation of numerous water resources, which eventually turn into many large and small rivers. One of the famous rivers of this region from Fars province is Kor River, which lives a long way from the north of Fars to the center of this province and has caused a lot of prosperity in the business of the people of this land.

To control the seasonal floods of the Kor River and store its water, a dam called Mulla Sadra has been built on it. This dam is located about 175 km north of Shiraz and near the city of Sedeh.

In addition to its benefits for agriculture and industry, Mulla Sadra Dam has created a beautiful environment for recreation and relaxation for nature lovers. The area around this dam is not full of trees, but despite the pastures and flat lands, you can find suitable places for a few hours walk. Of course, access to the dam is not possible from the main road and entry permits are usually not issued. To see the lake, you have to go through side roads and through agricultural lands.

There are no amenities and accommodation around the lake. For this reason, it is necessary to bring the necessary necessities when visiting the lake.

The water outlet of the dam continues in a beautiful gorge towards the center of Fars province, and then with the joining of several other rivers, its volume increases until it finally leads to Dorodzan dam. This gorge, which is known as Tang-e Boraq, is another sight in the north of Fars province, and many enthusiasts travel to visit it.

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