Galdian Lake, Goldian

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May 19, 2023
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Galdian Lake, Goldian

goldian lake, lagoon, Roodbar, Gilan
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Galdian village is located in Rudbar city of Gilan province. This village has a good climate and pristine nature that has its own beauty in different seasons. 




Access to Goldian Lake

To reach this village, you have to travel about 3 kilometers from Robar city to wind turbines, which is a mountain road. After about 200 meters, there is a crossroads where you have to continue on your way from the left side and continue on the right after passing the Education Department of Rudbar city. Finally we reach the Galdian sign. You should continue the path towards the wind turbines. 

It is possible to reach the lake through a earthen road. But most of the tourists walk the one-hour route through the forests to reach the lake.

Where is the Galdian Lake?

Galdian lake is located in Rudbar city in Gilan province. The distance of this lake is 250 km from Tehran and 85 km from Rasht.

The best time and season to travel to Galdian Lake?

The best time to visit this lake is spring and autumn. During the summer, this area becomes hot and dry.

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