Siah Gav lake

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Vali-Asr Lagoons
October 31, 2022
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Siah Gav lake

Siah Gao lake, ilam
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Siah-gav is a twin lake located in Abdanan city in province of Ilam. The most important tourism phenomenon of Abdanan city is “Twin Siah-Gav Lake”. This natural lake is surrounded by relatively high plains and mountains.



After filling the first lake, the water from the underground springs passes through the waterway between the two lakes and fills the second lake. After filling the downstream lake, this water flows into the Siah Gav (Black Cow) River and irrigates the surrounding lands. Therefore, life in this area is largely dependent on these lakes.



Where is the Siah-Gav lakes

Siah-gav Lakes are located 200 km southeast of Ilam city and between the two cities of Dere Shahr and Dehlran. Access to these lakes is possible with a short walk. This area is built as an entertainment complex and there are comfort facilities in it.



The best time and season to travel to Siah Gav?

The best time to visit this place is March and April.



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