Jairan Goli Lake, Jiran Guli

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Tang-e Zingan, Zineh gan canyon
December 21, 2022
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January 17, 2023

Jairan Goli Lake, Jiran Guli

Jairan Goli, Jairan Guli, Jayran Goli Lake
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Jairan Goli lake is an amazing place located in Savalan region, where you can see all the beauties of creation in one place. If you are interested in nature tourism, that too in its exciting and adventurous type, join us on a trip to the beautiful city of Meshgin Shahr and a canyon tour in Shirvan Dareh Si.




Where is Shirvan Dareh and Jairan Goli lake?

Shirvan Dareh is one of the must-see places in MeshginShahr, which is located 20 kilometers southeast of this city and on the slopes of Sabalan mountain. This valley is located near Shabil hot spring. Meshgin Shahr, formerly known as Khiyav, is one of the cities of Ardabil province, which has many attractions such as the ancient site of Yeri, Jahanam Dareh Si, Shabil hot springs, and Qoutur-soyi. One of the wonderful and spectacular places of this city is a mysterious valley called Shirvan Dareh. Jairan Goli Lake is located at the beginning of the hiking trail of this beautiful Canyon.



Access route to Shirvan Dareh and Jairan Goli lake

Prepare the travel equipment and take the road to Ardabil. Go to Meshgin Shahr, which is 90 km from Ardabil. There are two routes to reach this valley. The first one is located near the Shabil hot spring and the second one is located after the Dash Kesen village. If you pass by the Shabil hot spring building, you will enter a vast plain; After that, a very deep valley with sharp and terrifying walls appears in front of you. The main way to enter the valley is from this part.



Challenges of Jairan Goli Trip

Despite all he beauties of this region and its pristine and unique nature, you have to take a relatively difficult path to reach it. To access this canyon, you have to trek for hours. Once you start your walk, you will be about 5 to 6 hours away. The access route to this waterfall is very long and in some parts of it there is no path! Therefore, be sure to travel to this area as a group, with nature equipment and with a local guide. 



The best season to visit this area

Savalan has a cold climate. Undoubtedly, the best season to visit this region is late spring, from June to July.



The final word

Shirvan Dareh is of the pristine and untouched areas of Ardabil. Be sure to visit this area as a group with a local guide. Having a GPS will also help you a lot. Having enough water, food and equipment are other necessities of traveling to this area.


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