Larak Island, Laarak, Lark

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Larak Island, Laarak, Lark

Larak island
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The Persian Gulf has many islands, many of which are uninhabited. Among the inhabited islands of Iran, Lark Island is less known. The reason is that this island is located next to two popular tourist islands, namely Hormuz and Qeshm, which have attracted most of the attention. Larak Island is a large island in Iran, which is located in Hormozgan province. This island has a pristine and beautiful nature. 




Geographical of Larak Island

Larak Island has an area of ​​77 square kilometers and is located next to Qeshm and Hormuz islands. This island consists of volcanic mountains, and its highest point is 138 meters above sea level, and its largest diameter is 6.10 kilometers. The quiet atmosphere, clean environment and the beach suitable for swimming are the factors that attract tourists to Larak. If you want to spend some time in peace and enjoy the pristine nature, you must visit Lark.

Lark Island is considered to be the southernmost land of Iran, therefore it is of great strategic importance and its southern coasts are military. If the weather is clear, the islands of Hormuz, Qeshm, Bandar Abbas and the country of Oman can be easily seen from the shores of Lark.



Access to Larak Island

Larak can be reached from two Qeshm piers. The first and safer way is from Zakari Qeshm wharf and the second way is by motor boats from Doha Qeshm wharf. The sea distance from Qeshm Island to Larak is about 10 kilometers. You can also go to Larak by boat from Bandar Abbas or Hormuz Island. Of course, it should be noted that this island is located in the strategic location of the Strait of Hormuz, so it is the venue for military maneuvers.




Weather conditions and the best time to travel to Larak

Due to the fact that Larak Island is located in the south of the country, its climate is warm and humid due to its being an island. From July to September, it can be said that it is almost the hottest days of the island, but instead the cost of your trip at this time is half of the other months of the year. But the best time to visit Larak is January and February, when the temperature of the island reaches about 30 degrees Celsius and the lowest reaches about 15 degrees Celsius.



Sights of Lark Island

The Portuguese castle of Lark

Among the cultural and historical attractions of Lark Island, we should mention the Portuguese castle, which was built during the Safavid era and when the Portuguese controlled the Persian Gulf. Historically, this castle is the same period as the Portuguese castles of Hormuz and Qeshm. The Portuguese built Larak fort from Saroj mortar, coral and sea stones. This castle is considered the largest Portuguese castle in the Persian Gulf after the castle of Hormuz Island and has remained standing due to its wooden pillars.


The shores of Lark Island

Larak Island has one of the most pristine and clear waters of the Persian Gulf, thanks to the presence of coral beaches and less traffic. These beaches, from 2 to 33 meters deep, with a gentle slope and with all kinds of beautiful sea creatures such as corals, aquarium fish and sea anemones, offer their special beauties to visitors and enthusiasts. These reasons have made this island a popular place for water sports and enjoying the sandy beach.


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