Lavan Island

Shidvar Island, Hormozgan, Iran
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September 29, 2020
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September 29, 2020

Lavan Island

Lavan Island Beach
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During the cold season, when most of the provinces of Iran are not very attractive to travel, the southern provinces are known as important destinations for travel. Meanwhile, Hormozgan province, with its long coastline with the Persian Gulf, as well as large and small islands, is one of the most important tourist destinations.


Lavan is a vast island in the westernmost part of Hormozgan province and on the border of Bushehr province. The island is in the shape of an elongated oval with a length of about 23 km and a width of 5 km, which is known as one of the largest islands in the Persian Gulf.


Lavan Island is located about 20 km from the port of Moqam. Moqam is the most suitable place to enter Lavan Island and through this port you can enter this island in about 30 minutes by fast boats. Admission to the island is open to the public and there are no restrictions.


Lavan Island is a residential island whose inhabitants are often engaged in fishing. Of course, due to the existence of oil facilities on the island, business is also active in this area. Lavan is an oil island and for this reason many parts of it are in the hands of economic activists in this field.


Lavan Island has a diverse flora and fauna. Many parts of the island are covered with shrubs and tall trees, which is why the island has a lush nature. Among the mammals of this island, we can also mention deer.
Lavan Island also has beautiful beaches that attract many visitors. The presence of sandy beaches with white sand is one of the features of this beautiful island. The clear waters of the Persian Gulf around this island are also nice.


In recent years, with the arrival of tourists to the island, brief amenities have been provided and you can stay on the island if you wish.


Mehdi Gholami.

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