Darak Beach, Village (Chabahar)

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Darak Beach, Village (Chabahar)

Darak Beach, Desert, Persian Gulf
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The village of Darak is the place where the sea water and the sands of the desert meet like fantasy and reality, and it may be the same excuse that takes you to the heart of southern Iran to be the beginning of a journey where you can see everything that is spectacular; From the rocky shores and corals and the desert sands that combine magic and healing properties to the groves a little farther up the mountains.



Darak Village

Darak is the name of a village in the west of Chabahar, which has become very famous in recent years due to the charm of its coast and has attracted the attention of many nature lovers from all over Iran. This village is located 150 km away from Chabahar and on the border of Sistan and Baluchestan and Hormozgan provinces. Darak village has a clean and very beautiful beach which, in addition to the usual features of the beaches of this area, is doubly beautiful because it is located near the sand dunes.
Normally you can expect to see sand dunes only in the desert. But in this region, you can see these hills along the coast, which is a rare phenomenon in Iran. Among the sand dunes, palm trees can be seen, which has made this beach more attractive.Darek has a long beach and can be walked for miles. For this reason, pristine and secluded areas can be found and enjoyed at any time, even on holidays when the area attracts many tourists.

Where is Darak village?

Darak village is one of the sights of Konarak and is located at the end of the map of Sistan and Baluchestan, along the Oman Sea. Darak is located in the Zarabad area of Konarak city, near the sea border between Hormozgan and Sistan and Baluchestan provinces, at a distance of 150 km of Chabahar.


Darak Beach

Darak is the closest point of Sistan and Baluchestan to the of Hormuz and the shore of Derek is where the Indian Ocean and the Sea of ​​Oman meet. The beach of Derek village, in addition to its unique beauty and cleanliness, is the place where you can see three types of beaches: sandy, sandy and coral. If you enjoy experiencing natural and traditional therapies, use the white sands of Derek Beach for cramps and muscle aches. Watching the sunrise and sunset on the beach of Derek village is one of the things that will make a lasting impression on your mind forever, so be sure to plan your visit.

This beautiful beach is located at a distance of 170 km from Zad Chabahar region and on the transit road from Konarak port to Jask port. One of the amazing and wonderful features of this beach is its cleanliness.



Distance from Darak village to Chabahar

The distance from Darak village to Chabahar is about 150 km. To cover this distance, you have to drive and cross the village of Kahir to Zarabad to reach the village of Darak. It will take you about two hours to reach your destination.


Distance from Tehran to Darak village

The distance from Tehran to Darak village is 1,770 km, for which you have to drive about 24 hours; Obviously this is not the best way to the village of Darak! You can take a flight to Konarak Airport, which is 135 km away from Darak, and drive to the village.

If you want to take a train to Darak village, you can take the train to one of the cities of Kerman, Zahedan or Bandar Abbas, and then dive to Chabahar then Darak village.



Accommodation in the village of Darak

To stay in Darak village, you can count on the eco-lodges provided in the village; But remember to book accommodation before traveling. One of the benefits of staying in an eco-lodge, in addition to helping the rural economy, is the attractive meals that can be provided for you; The opportunity to taste the delicious local food of this region can double the pleasure of your trip.

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