Taben Beach, Teben

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Taben Beach, Teben

Teben Beach, Persian Gulf, Iran
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The Persian Gulf with its beautiful and pristine beaches is one of the tourist destinations, especially in the cold seasons. During autumn and winter, when most of the provinces of the country are facing cold and frost, the southern provinces of Iran, with their spring climate, host many tourists from all over Iran. Most of the attractions of the southern provinces of Iran are due to the beautiful beaches that you can spend hours away from the crowds by the sea to relax and have fun.



Hormozgan province is more important than other southern provinces because the significant border of this province with the Persian Gulf has made many of the well-known sights on the Persian Gulf in this province.


Taben Beach is one of the most spectacular and beautiful beaches in Hormozgan province, which is located in the west of this province and close to Bushehr province. This beach is located near the city of Kushkonar and has easy access.


This beach is of interest to nature lovers due to the existence of some amenities such as toilets and parking, and welcomes a large number of tourists during the holidays. Of course, due to the large area of ​​the beach and the long coastline, you can find secluded places to relax.


Taben Beach, like many of the beaches in this area, is bounded on one side by the sea and on the other by high walls that are not very wide. Not many trees grow along the coast, so staying by the sea in hot seasons can be annoying.


Taben Beach is actually a fishing port and there are always a lot of boats. In addition to the beautiful view of the port, its clean sandy beach, which is very long and eye-catching, is another feature of this unique area.


Taben Beach can be used to visit some other beaches. Beaches such as Alpi and Kharidon, which are not accessible by car, can be visited through this port and boat.


Mehdi Gholami.

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