Bonood Beach

Teben Beach, Persian Gulf, Iran
Taben Beach, Teben
September 29, 2020
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Nayband Gulf
September 29, 2020

Bonood Beach

Bunod Cave
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In Hormozgan province and especially in the west of this province, there are many beautiful beaches that are of interest to nature lovers and enthusiasts of all provinces of Iran.

Bonood beach is one of these beaches which is located between the city of Kushkonar and Assaluyeh near a village of the same name. There is a relatively long road from Bonood village to the beach. This road is actually the access route of local fishermen to the port. Because there is a fishing port on the beach and usually a large number of boats can be seen in this port. But a significant part of this beach is pristine and with its clean sandy beach is welcomed by nature lovers. But Bonood Beach is not only famous for this reason. But in another corner of this area, a more special sight can be seen. The caves created by the sea waves on the walls of this beach have created a special and unusual atmosphere.

Bonood Caves are located far from Bonood Beach and with a different access route, so it is necessary to get information about their exact location in advance.

Near these caves, the remnants of the filming of one of the famous films of Iranian cinema can be a good sign to find this situation.

Reaching the caves requires about a 15-minute walk and a little adventure up and down cliffs by the sea. After walking this route and entering the cave, a different and special world can be seen. Inside the cave, there is a large space that has two large holes on the sea side, and light and sea waves enter from these holes. The darkness of the cave along with the glare of sunlight through the holes and the sound of the waves has created a beautiful and at the same time mysterious atmosphere.

The space inside the cave is wide and it is possible to sit and even camp in it. But due to the falling rocks, it is better to visit the cave in the shortest possible time.

Mehdi Gholami.

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