Yakh-Morad Cave

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Rayen waterfall
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Yakh-Morad Cave

Yakh Morad Cave Ice
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Yakh-Morad Cave is one of the sights of Gachsar in Alborz province. To reach this cave with an altitude of 2640 meters above sea level, after entering the Chalous-Karaj road, at 60 km of the road and after the village of Nessa, there is a bridge that leads to old roads and after 12 km On this road, you will reach a crossroads that will take you to the village of Azadbar on the left and the path to the right through of the cave. After an hour of trekking on this route, which is half an hour on a road with a low slope and another half of light mountaineering you will reach the mouth of the cave.



After reaching the the cave with a length of three meters and eight meters high and passing through a low path of rocky slope 12 by 18 meters and a height of 6 meters, you will encounter three paths. The first route reaches a dead end on the right after 20 meters, and on the middle route, after 50 meters, you reach a precipice that requires the use of professional caving tools to enter. The path on the left in front of you, with a length of 250 meters and a height of three meters from the ground floor, is the main path of the cave, after 15 meters in which you will encounter an amazing view of ice lamps hanging from the floor of the cave. The reflection of light in the frozen crystal chandeliers amazes you.


Yakh Morad Cave


History of the cave

The large rock at the entrance of the cave is inscribed with a fossil from the third geological period called the Cardita, which can be traced back to fifty million years ago under the sea; But some geologists have estimated the age of the cave at 70 to 230 million years.


Yakh Morad Cave trekking in winter


Local beliefs about the cave

At the locals considered this cave is a sacred place and perhaps this is why this cave was called Yakh Morad (Murad Ice). Others believe that the ice in the bottom pool of this cave is healing and effective for treating various diseases, especially the problem of female infertility. Some people even believe that whoever eats the ice of this cave, it will reach its goal next year!


Yakh Morad Cave, Caving in Iran



Features of the cave

This cave, which is unique in Iran, has three halls, a pond and a frozen waterfall. The second hall, with dimensions of 20 by 25 meters and a height of 10 meters, is twice the size of the first hall and is located in the continuation of the main path of the cave. This hall has two vestibules, one of which is six meters long and reaches a well seven meters deep, and the other, 10 meters long, reaches a well 8 meters high.

The area of ​​the third hall is slightly larger than the second hall; But it is much higher than that and there is the highest roof of the cave in this hall and the beautiful caves around it attract attention.

At the end of the third hall, two crypts can be seen next to each other, the height of the roof of each of them is 1.5 to 3 meters, and in the first crypt, which is always covered with ice, the main frozen pond and ice waterfall can be seen. There is another ice pond in the second crypt. The level of both ponds is 60 meters lower than the entrance of the cave.

The difference in temperature of Yakh Morad with the outside space has distinguished it from other caves. Usually the temperature of caves is at least 10 degrees higher than the outside space due to the lack of air flow and water vapor in them; However, the temperature of this cave is significantly lower than the outside space due to the existence of different pores between its interior and exterior space and the creation of air flow in it, as well as its high altitude above sea level.


Yakh Morad Cave entrance



The best time to visit the cave

Ice has covered the cave walls almost all year round; But March and April are the best times to visit the ice; Because icy candles are at the peak of their beauty at this time. In addition, the winter scenery of the cave walkway is also spectacular at this time. In spring and summer, you can also benefit from picking the medicinal plants of the car on the road.


Yakh Morad Cave trekking in winter


Necessary recommendations

It is essential to have tools such as headlamps and to use appropriate shoes and warm clothes; Because the cave has no light and its temperature sometimes drops below zero. Also, be careful not to break or damage the chandeliers when you visit them, so that others will not be deprived of seeing them.


Yakh Morad Cave Ice


What is needed for caving in Iran?

First, you need to have enough knowledge to do caving. This knowledge is acquired by participating in training courses. You can take these courses in your own country or in Iran. If you want to study these courses in Iran, you will need 2 to 3 days. After these trainings, you can visit a large part of the caves of Iran.

Second, you will need caving equipment. Equipment without which it is not possible to cross a cave. You can bring this equipment with you or get it in Iran.

Third, you need to select an experienced team to enter the cave with. Without an experienced team, entering the cave can be very dangerous.



Women’s caving in Yakh-Morad cave

caving is one of the sports that has grown rapidly in recent years in Iran and women are also active in it. In Iran, there is no restriction on the presence of women in this sport and thousands of interested people do this sport.



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