Rayen waterfall

Niasar Waterfall
Niasar waterfall
February 17, 2021
Yakh Morad Cave Ice
Yakh-Morad Cave
March 12, 2021

Rayen waterfall

Rayen Waterfall
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Rayen Falls, also known as “Zar Rud” is one of the most beautiful and glorious foothills in Kerman province. Rayen Falls with a height of about 40 meters is located 14 km southwest of the Rayen city, which is located on the slopes of one of the highest peaks in Iran called Peak Hezar. This waterfall arises from the fall of a river that originates in the highlands and flows from the heart of the slopes and snow-covered walls of a Hezar.


Rayen Falls collapses in four stages. The first stage is 3 meters and then 4 meters, the third stage from the edge of the precipice to the point where a large rock is locked in the walls and the next stage falls from the large rock to the rock floor of the waterfall pond and spread water on the sloping stone wall. Due to the presence of a groove in the waterfall, moving behind the waterfall and enjoying the coolness of the water particles, creates an attractive experience, and this experience becomes a simple and exciting freezing in winter. 

Mehdi Gholami.

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