Amjak cave

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Golestan Palace
August 23, 2021
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Anubanini relief, Anobanini
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Amjak cave

Amjak Cave, Markazi Province, Caving Iran
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Amjak is one of the beautiful caves in Tafresh city in Markazi province, which is located at the height of a valley called Darreh Sultan and at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level. Amjak Tafresh Cave is one of the technical caves in Iran and has a very narrow and invisible entrance that if you pass through it, you will enter a big and wonderful world; A world that challenges the skill and courage of professional cavers.




Introducing Amjak Cave

Amjak is one of the vertical caves and has 4 halls with a height of more than 10 meters, in which all kinds of beautiful calcareous sediments such as stalagmites, rock sediments and also creatures such as bats can be seen. Amjak cave was first noticed and identified by cavers in 1993.




Visiting Amjak Cave A challenge for professionals

To reach the Amjak Cave, cavers first take a 1-hour trek to reach the entrance of the cave, which measures about 60 by 50 centimeters. This entrance is not easily visible, and cavers who enter the area for the first time for navigation must seek help from a local person.

The entrance to the cave begins in one person and in turn, as well as using a rope, and after two descents of 20 and 15 meters, the cavers reach the first hall of the cave called the pool hall. At the bottom of this hall you can see deep conical pools.

Then, after following a path, they enter the opening of the second hall, called the Hall of Mirrors, and after two descents of about 15 meters, they reach the end points of the cave, and at this point, the technical work of caving is completed. In the second hall, you can see very beautiful sediments that have multiplied the beauty of this hall.

In the path of the cave, there are two walls of 7 and 2 meters, after which people reach the end point of the cave. In this area, little by little, the extracts and drips of cabbage, stone chandeliers and other unique sedimentary forms of the cave appear, at which stage the cavers are very careful not to damage these beautiful treasures. After passing through this area, the cavers go down the 10-meter ladder previously placed by other cavers in this section and reach the darkest part of the cave. Creatures such as bats and mice live in this area and all kinds of beautiful stalagmites and stalactites and ponds full of water can be seen.




Address of Amjak Cave

Markazi province, Tafresh city, Tafresh city, Ahmadabad village



The best time to travel to Amjak Cave

The best time to travel to Amjak is from late May to early October; However, it is possible to visit this Cave all year round and even during autumn and winter. 




Necessary equipment to visit Amjak Cave

  • To enter Amjak cave, it is necessary to have all the caving equipment. You should get a list of these equipments from the cave guide.
  • Enough water
  • Food for a full day
  • Due to the cold water, be sure to wear appropriate clothing.
  • Be sure to bring proper shoes with you
  • You need a headlamp to enter the cave and helmet
  • At the entrance of the cave there is a deep well that requires rope and specialized caving tools to enter.



What is needed for caving in Iran?

First, you need to have enough knowledge to do caving. This knowledge is acquired by participating in training courses. You can take these courses in your own country or in Iran. If you want to study these courses in Iran, you will need 2 to 3 days. After these trainings, you can visit a large part of the caves of Iran.

Second, you will need caving equipment. Equipment without which it is not possible to cross a cave. You can bring this equipment with you or get it in Iran.

Third, you need to select an experienced team to enter the cave with. Without an experienced team, entering the cave can be very dangerous.



Women’s caving in Amjak cave

caving is one of the sports that has grown rapidly in recent years in Iran and women are also active in it. In Iran, there is no restriction on the presence of women in this sport and thousands of interested people do this sport.



Iran caving tour, best caving team, canyon guide in Iran?

Contact me to introduce the best caving teams in Iran. Teams with whom you can visit each of Iran’s cave in complete safety. You will also not need to bring caving equipment.




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