Saholan Cave

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November 7, 2020
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November 8, 2020

Saholan Cave

Saholan Cave, Naghadeh
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Numerous caves in West Azerbaijan province have always been visited by most tourists, the most famous of which is Saholan Cave. This cave is located 35 km from Mahabad city and consists of several large ponds that are connected by water corridors. The height of the cave roof from the water level in the last basin is 50 meters and the water depth in the middle basin reaches 35 meters.

This cave has recently become famous among Iranians and has quickly found a special place as one of the most important water caves in Iran. This cave is somewhat similar to Ali-Sadr Cave in Hamedan, with the difference that the discovered part of it is not very long at the moment and very beautiful and abundant chandeliers in Ali Sadr Cave can be seen in this cave.

Saholan cave has two main doors that lead to each other and you can enter the cave from each of them and exit from the other door. After entering the cave and after walking, you will take a boat and see the cave. Amazing views can now be seen thanks to the lighting of the cave’s interior, which is illuminated by a variety of lamps and spotlights; Sediments inside the cave have various shapes: Elephant feet, Mermaid, Bat, etc., which together with the beautiful chandeliers of the cave has made it very spectacular.

The word Sahol in the local Kurdish language means ice, which may be due to its long winter frosts and cool summer. Now you can drive near the cave and you will have to walk only a short distance. On the way to the cave, there is an area with a sign called “Reverse Gravity” on the side of the road. Apparently, in this area, despite the slope of the road due to the traction of the mountain, the speed and acceleration of the car decreases. Of course, nothing was felt during the team’s visit to this site. According to the driver, this phenomenon is apparently more effective for heavy vehicles and minibuses. This is probably due to the presence of magnetic rocks in the mountains along the road; Which is an interesting phenomenon in its kind.

Mehdi Gholami.

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