Sirwan river, Sirvan

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July 15, 2023
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Qom Salt Dome
August 5, 2023

Sirwan river, Sirvan

Sirwan river in Kurdestan, Iran
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Sirvan River is one of the tourist attractions of Kurdistan province. This river is formed after the joining of the waters of the southwestern, western and central parts of the province, such as Qeshlaq, Gaveh Rood and Gardlan, and it goes on a long route and waters many lands with its winding path. This river divides Sarvabad and the ancient region of Oraman into two parts, and the only important connection between these two parts is the Doab Bridge, about 25 kilometers northwest of Paveh.




Where is the Sirwan river?

You can drive to the salt dome. It is possible to reach the lake by walking for a few minutes. A longer walk is required to visit the more distant paOraman is bordered by Iraq from the west, Kurdistan from the north, and Javanrud from the south, and a 75 km long road connects it to the city of Marivan. Sirvan river near Oraman separates this area from Sarovabad. If you plan to travel to Oraman and Sirvan, the best route is the distance between the villages of Spreez and Hajej. You can also see beautiful views of this river from Palengan and Divaznav villages.



Sirwan river Wildlife

The mountainous climate and the presence of many springs, green pastures and orchards have created palm groves on the slopes of the beautiful mountains of Oraman and have made animal husbandry, along with horticulture, the main profession of the people of this country.
Many animal and plant species can be seen in this area, including squirrels, oak trees, wild pistachios, walnuts, berries, pears, figs, pomegranates, etc. Also, valuable plants such as rhubarb, ivy, cress, bena, haz, sheng, bahreza, Halekok, tarshke, terejerezha, gaziakhe, gilakhe, nermileh, dehmehravasleh, bena shawane, artichoke, sepal, sideran, gozrovaneh, lo, yellow yellow, chenor, siavolo, kohma, komameh, tusi and shebbo, narcissus and carnations in They grow in this area.



The best time and season to travel to Sirwan river?

The best time to visit this area is early spring and early autumn when the weather is mild. In other seasons there is much heat or cold.


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