Tang-e Boraq, Tang Boragh

Behesht-e Gomshodeh, Canyon, Gorge,
Beheshte Gomshode
October 17, 2020
Tang-e Bostanak Protected Area, Fars
Tang-e Bostanak Protected Area
October 18, 2020

Tang-e Boraq, Tang Boragh

Tang-e Boragh Canyon, Eqlid, Fars
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Gorges and valleys are the result of water erosion over thousands of years that can be seen everywhere in Iran. But in mountainous areas with high rainfall are seen more. The Zagros Mountains are prone to such gorges and valleys due to heavy rainfall.



The north of Fars province, near “Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad” province, is a great tourist importance due to the existence of several famous and well-known gorges. Beheshte Gomshode (Lost Paradise) is one of the most popular gorge for tourists.


Tang-e Boraq (Boraq Gorge) is another erosive gorge in the north of Fars province, which is located about 160 km from Shiraz and near a village of the same name. This gorge has been created due to the erosion of the river for a long time and despite its beautiful waterfalls and ponds, it is considered and visited by nature lovers. The lush and wooded environment inside the gorge, along with the abundance of water, has brought together all the features of creating a tourist place. Many plants have grown on the walls of the gorge and created a beautiful landscape. Large cave-like depressions in the walls are another attraction of this tourist area.


Visiting the gorge does not require a long walk and therefore the use of this attractive nature is possible for all people. Of course, entering the deep parts of that requires proper physical preparation. At the bottom of the gorge, a river flows, which is one of the tributaries of the Kor River, and eventually leads to the Dorodzan Dam.


At the beginning of the gorge, amenities such as parking and toilets are built and can be used. Accommodation in Tang-e Boraq village can also be used for overnight stay.


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