Beheshte Gomshode

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Dorodzan Dam Lake
October 17, 2020
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October 18, 2020

Beheshte Gomshode

Behesht-e Gomshodeh, Canyon, Gorge,
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Fars province has a lot of rainfall in its northern parts, which is adjacent to “Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad” province. These rains, which occur in a mountainous region, have naturally created many valleys and gorges in the region, some of which have received more attention due to their attractiveness than others. The greater the volume of river water, the greater the erosion in these valleys and the greater the depth and breadth.


About 120 km north of Shiraz and near Kamfirooz, one of the famous gorge of Fars province is located. This gorge is famous as the Beheshte Gomshode (Lost Paradise) due to its great beauty and many enthusiasts enter this area to visit it.


Beheshte Gomshode is a long gorge created by water erosion. Existence of high vertical walls and a beautiful river in a tree-lined environment are among the features of this gorge.


Access to the beginning of the Beheshte Gomshode is possible with a short walk, and depending on the volume of the river water, parts of it can be visited. Of course, the end of the route is not suitable for everyone due to steep slopes and more water volume, and it is better to cross it more carefully.


The river creates numerous waterfalls and ponds along its route inside the gorge, which is why it depicts beautiful landscapes. The river is surrounded by large and small trees and the sky can be seen in less places.


At the beginning of the gorge, amenities such as parking and toilets have been constructed. In the villages around the gorge, accommodations and houses prepared for travelers can also be used.


Mehdi Gholami

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