Dorodzan Dam Lake

Margon Waterfall, Shiraz, Fars,
Margon Waterfall, Margoon
October 17, 2020
Behesht-e Gomshodeh, Canyon, Gorge,
Beheshte Gomshode
October 17, 2020

Dorodzan Dam Lake

Dorodzan Lake Dam, Fars, Iran
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Fars is one of the beautiful provinces of Iran, which is popular with tourists due to its many historical and cultural monuments. But such things are not the only tourist attractions of Fars province and the unique nature is another important reason for its fame.

Fars is a vast province where you can find different climates. In the south of this province, which borders Bushehr, the climate is hot and dry, and in the north, which is adjacent to “Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad”, the nature of Zagros and cold can be seen. Heavy rains in the north of Fars province have caused large forests, waterfalls and abundant valleys.

Rainwater joins over a large area to form larger rivers. These rivers also eventually merge to form the famous Kor River. The water of many waterfalls and gorges contributed to the creation of this river, the most famous of which are Margon Waterfall, Behesht-e Gomshodeh (Lost Paradise) and Boragh Gorge.

Kor River enters the center of Fars province with a significant volume of water and is finally controlled by Dorodzan Dam. Dorodzan Dam Lake is one of the largest lakes in Fars province, which has caused a great boom in agriculture in the region with abundant water storage. The water of this lake is also used for drinking purposes in many cities and villages.

Dorodzan Dam was built near a village of the same name and in addition to its agricultural benefits, today it has become one of the tourist attractions of the region. The beautiful atmosphere around the dam and the many places to use nature have caused many enthusiasts to visit the surrounding cities.

The area around Dorodzan Dam Lake is often surrounded by agricultural land. But in the eastern parts, which are close to the road, you can see natural beaches. There are many birds around the lake and therefore can be an attractive destination for wildlife photography enthusiasts.

Mehdi Gholami

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