Ganjei Gorge

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October 17, 2020
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Ganjei Gorge

East of “Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province” and its border with Isfahan Province, has a cold climate that dominates this area due to its location on the slopes of Mount Dena. This area has a cooler climate than other parts of the province, and for this reason, in the hot seasons of the year, it receives many travelers from all over the country.


There are many natural attractions on the way from Yasuj to Sisakht. Tang-e Ganjei (Ganjei Gorge) is one of the sights of this region, which has become one of the most important destinations in “Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province” due to its cool weather and dense and wooded forests. This gorge is located about 12 km north of Yasuj city.


Tang-e Ganjei is a long valley with a clear river in the middle and dense vegetation of sycamore and oak trees, which has created a suitable space for hiking. The beginning of this valley starts from the side of the road and near a village called Ganjei, and depending on the interest, you can walk anywhere in the valley. Of course, in the rainy seasons, due to the rising water level of the river, it becomes difficult to cross it, and for this reason, visiting this gorge is limited to a short route.


Tang-e Ganjei has vertical and high walls on one side, which creates a beautiful view, and on the other hand, it is limited to a mountain slope with a steep and wooded slope. The passage of the river through this gorge has created low waterfalls in some places, which has created a pleasant atmosphere along with the pleasant sound of falling water.


The best time to visit this area is mid-spring and you can enjoy the best scenery until early summer. However, even in autumn, the colorful forest is very attractive for nature lovers.


At the beginning of the gorge, limited amenities such as parking and toilets have been built. There is also a lot of space around the gorge to relax and enjoy the beautiful nature of this area.



Mehdi Gholami

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