Bayazeh village

Gavkhoni wetland, Varzaneh, Isfahan, Iran
Gavkhoni Wetland
September 17, 2020
Garmeh Village, Isfahan, Iran
Garmeh village
September 17, 2020

Bayazeh village

Bayazeh village, Castle, Isfahan
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Today, rural tourism has become one of the most important branches of tourism, which has led to the prosperity of business in rural areas, especially in deprived and remote villages. Introducing an attractive village not only for the residents of the same village but also for all the surrounding villages can create the ground for business to flourish.



There are several famous and well-known villages in the south of Khor and Biyabank, and Bayazeh is one of the most important of these villages. The reason for the attractiveness of this village is primarily due to its old and beautiful texture. Old brick houses that in many cases are still healthy and usable and life is going on in them.


Among this old texture, there is a large and stable castle that is different from many castles around and near this village with its special and unique shape. The presence of a large moat outside the walls of the castle confirms the suspicion of military use over long periods of time that this village, like many other villages, was invaded and attacked by the villagers to protect themselves and their property have built. High and strong walls with windows, possibly for guarding or fighting, have given this castle a distinctive look.


This citadel is dated to the Sassanid era. Some have mentioned this as one of the Ismaili castles. In any case, Bayazeh and its citadel are several hundred years old and maybe more than a thousand years old, and this is a sufficient reason to introduce and visit this historical village.


Apart from the structural features of the village, the existence of lush gardens with a variety of fruits is another reason for the attractiveness of this village for tourists. Walking in the garden alley of this village will create a memorable memory.


To reach Bayazeh village, you can move south from Khor and Biyabank city and reach this village with the guidance of signs and after traveling about 50 kilometers. Another route is from the Chupanan village and the village of Iraj, each of which will have its own charms.


In your travel plan for Bayazeh, you can also visit the famous village of Garmeh, which is located a short distance from Bayazeh. The name Bayazah is known by some in Arabic, which means white. The reason is the white mountains around the village.


Mehdi Gholami.

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