Garmeh village

Bayazeh village, Castle, Isfahan
Bayazeh village
September 17, 2020
Mesr Village Desert, Isfahan, Iran
Mesr village, desert
September 17, 2020

Garmeh village

Garmeh Village, Isfahan, Iran
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The predominant perception of desert villages is dry and water-less nature with thorn bushes. Villages with limited water resources that cannot be cultivated. While most desert villages are something different from this idea, they have provided an ideal environment for their inhabitants with fertile lands and water-filled aqueducts.


Among them, there are villages that have been more successful in this field than others and have been able to be an successful example for others with the efforts of the people. One of the famous and well-known villages in the center of Iran is a village called Garmeh, which has attracted many tourists due to its attractive nature. Existence of various gardens and large groves with flowing atmospheres under them has created unique landscapes.


Garmeh village has become a suitable tourist destination for several years due to the efforts of the locals, so that many domestic and foreign tourists choose it as their destination. Visiting the traditional texture of the village next to the lush gardens and alleys of the gardens where the sound of birds and running water can be heard will be a memorable memory.


Garmeh is located at the foot of a mountain in a way that is on the one hand in the shelter of the mountain and on the other hand leads to a wide and dry plain. This geographical location is another attraction of this village.
In Garmeh village, there is a kind of fish that clings to the skin of the body and somehow cleans it, and these fish are another attraction of this village.
Garmeh village is located in the south of Khor and Biabank city and at a distance of about 30 km from this village. If you intend to stay in this village, suitable amenities are provided and you can be a guest of the villagers at night.


Mehdi Gholami.

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