Chavoshi Kaluts, Kalot

Nakhlestan Ab-pakhsh Groves, Bushehr, Iran
Abpakhsh groves
September 9, 2020
Maranjab desert, Aran o Bidgol, Isfahan
Marnjab Desert
September 9, 2020

Chavoshi Kaluts, Kalot

kalut chavoshi, Bushehr, Iran
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Kaluts are natural features that occur due to environmental erosion in sedimentary mountains or hills of desert areas. This erosion can be due to wind or due to rain and running water in the riverbed.

Due to the random structure that occurs here in the Kaluts, usually in these areas, dramatic phenomena and unique landscapes are created in a large environment that, when put together, the human mind engages in many fantasies. Some people see these areas as imaginary cities, and some as a variety of animals, plants, and extraterrestrial beings.

There are such Kaluts in different parts of Iran. Ksluts of Shahdad in Kerman province, or the valley of statues in Qeshm. But it must be one of the most beautiful Kaluts in Bushehr province and in the Mond region. To see these Kaluts, you have to go to Chavoshi village between Ahram and Khormuj cities in the beautiful province of Bushehr. You do not need to search a lot to find them. They are large enough to be seen from anywhere in the village.

The area where the Kaluts are is very large and you can see newer and more beautiful shapes from all sides and be more surprised. In the local language, these structures are called Kalat, and if you want to ask for an address, it is better to use this word.

The Kaluts are so loose and unstable that wind and rain have caused this amount of change in them. So rest assured they are not strong enough to support your weight. So it is better to enjoy seeing them from a distance and avoid approaching or climbing them.

If you are a professional photographer, one of the most interesting things you can do to visit this beautiful environment is night photography. Due to the clean air and the absence of light pollution, the combination of these clots with the stars in the night sky can create stunning scenery and you will surely return to visit these areas.

Mehdi Gholami.

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