Ezmighan village

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September 19, 2020
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September 19, 2020

Ezmighan village

Ezmeighan village, Tabas, Iran
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Ezmighan is a village in 40 km east of Tabas city, which is known as one of the tourist villages of this region due to its beautiful and special nature and attracts many enthusiasts. The inhabitants of this village are engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry, and due to the existence of the river and abundant water, its agriculture and horticulture are very prosperous. This village is exemplary in terms of plant diversity in the province and the country, so that in addition to Jalizi products, palms and citrus and other fruits of each season, rice is also produced. 


In the village of Ezmighan, you can see rice cultivation and palm trees side by side, which is almost a unique subject in agriculture and occurs in lesser areas. The historical context of Ezmighan is a mixture of the glory of indigenous architecture and nature. Houses on one side and gardens and farms on the other have doubled the charm of this village. Among the tourist attractions of Ezmighan, apart from the ancient and natural monuments, we can mention the tomb of Seyyed Mohammad Ibn Jafar Tayyar.


Visiting this village is not a difficult task due to its fame and the traffic signs that exist in the city of Tabas along the way. After entering the village, you can visit the alley of its gardens and walk in it to leave a beautiful memory. Walking along the river to reach the pools can also be fun. Citrus orchards and palm trees together with the smell of rice and the song of birds is an experience that can be achieved in less places in Iran.


If you want to stay in the village, you can use the beautiful accommodations built in the village. The tasteful villagers have built traditional style accommodations that will surely leave a good night for you.
When visiting Ezmighan, do not forget about other options such as Cal Jenny, which is located near Ezmighan.


Mehdi Gholami.

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