Gazak Canyon

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Gazak Canyon

Canyon Guide in Iran
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Canyons are one of the most important nature attractions, especially in the field of adventure activities. Meanwhile, the Canyons that are located in forested environments are more attractive and attract many enthusiasts.

One of these beautiful Canyons, called Gazak which is located in Mazandaran province and in Kojoor region. This Canyon is one of the most beautiful Canyon in Iran with a small river that appears in several places in the form of tall waterfalls.

Gazak is a technical canyon. This means that crossing it requires knowledge of canyoning as well as having complete tools for doing so. Otherwise, there will be many dangers. This valley has about 11 long and short waterfalls, which in some seasons due to floods, the number of these waterfalls decreases and increases. The height of some of these waterfalls is high and reaches about 45 meters, so it is impossible to descend from them without a rope and canyon gears.

The time required to cross this Canyon is a full day, so crossing it requires a high level of physical fitness. There is no sign of civilization along the way because no one can visit it except professional climbers.

The way to reach this canyon is from Kojoor region and a village called Vaisar. From this village to the beginning of the canyon, there is an unsuitable road that is not passable for vehicles. From this point to the first waterfall is not a long way ahead and after landing from the first waterfall is not possible to return.

The scenery of this canyon is amazing and in some places unique. Tall waterfalls can be seen in lesser places among the towering trees, sometimes adorned with fog.

Mehdi Gholami.

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