Kamjal Canyon

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Kamjal Canyon

Kamjel Canyon, Canyoning
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If you have ever crossed the Chalous Road, within a relatively long distance from the road, there are high waterfalls among the high walls of the mountains in front. These waterfalls are just a few of the many collections of waterfalls in a valley known as Kamjel. The number of these waterfalls is more than 30, some of which reach a height of 50 meters.

Kamjal is one of the technical valleys of Mazandaran provinces, which can be crossed only with complete canyon gears and having sufficient knowledge of this sport.

The entrance to the canyon begins near the gate of the Siah-Bishe Dam. Of course, from the dam to the first waterfall, a trekking of about 2 hours on a relatively steep slope is necessary.

Kamjal is actually a series of long and short waterfalls that are located a short distance from each other so that in a short distance between the first waterfall and the last one, there is a height difference of about 1100 meters.

Crossing Kamjel waterfalls is possible only with the use of complete canyoning tools and without it, it is not possible to cross the valley. For this reason, there is no sign of civilization along the valley and only canyoners have crossed it.

Exploring this valley among canyoners is done in two forms, one day and two days. However, due to the lack of suitable conditions for overnight stay, most climbers prefer to travel the route in a busy day.

There is not much vegetation in the valley. But beautiful forests can be seen on the walls and slopes of the mountain. The river of this valley is not waterlogged as usual and large ponds are not seen in the middle of the valley, so unlike many other valleys, there is no need to swim anywhere in the valley.

Mehdi Gholami.

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