Paryan Cave

Kamjel Canyon, Canyoning
Kamjal Canyon
September 28, 2020
Dosar Cave, Mehriz, Yazd, Iran
Dosar Cave
September 28, 2020

Paryan Cave

Pariyan Cave, Isfahan, Iran
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Caves are one of the most important attractions in the field of nature tourism and especially adventure tourism. A large number of caves have been identified in Iran and for this reason many enthusiasts are engaged in this activity. Some of these caves have been prepared for public viewing and lighting has been installed in them. But most of the caves in Iran are still pristine and no one has entered them except the interested cavers.

Paryan is one of the technical caves of Isfahan province, which is located near the city of Maymeh and at the end of a relatively long road. Technical caves are those caves that enter and visit them requires technical equipment of caving as well as sufficient knowledge. Without these requirements, visiting these caves is dangerous and can lead to unfortunate accidents.

The Paryan cave has a small entrance that only one person can enter sitting. After this entrance, there is a long corridor with a relatively steep slope, which eventually leads to a large number of halls, each of which has its own unique features and charms.

Paryan Cave is one of the most beautiful caves in Iran, which has created a beautiful atmosphere in the depths of the earth due to having many drops and abstracts with various shapes and colors. The cave is located in a dry area and the presence of such structures next to the clear pools of water has doubled its charm.

The temperature of this cave and all caves in general is relatively constant throughout the year. For this reason, in hot seasons, the inside of these caves has cooler air than outside, and in cold seasons, its temperature is warmer than outside.

Due to the lack of enough food, the Paryan cave is inhabited only by small insects and bats.

Mehdi Gholami.

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