Dosar Cave

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September 28, 2020
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September 28, 2020

Dosar Cave

Dosar Cave, Mehriz, Yazd, Iran
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Among the nature attractions of Iran; There are few cases that have a world ranking and have a place among similar in all over the world. The mountains, deserts and forests of Iran, although beautiful and spectacular, but similar in other countries are much taller and wider.



But in the meantime, a cave that has a world ranking is Dosar Cave, which is known as the fourth largest cave in the world. This cave is located in Yazd province, near the city of Mehriz, at the end of a relatively long road.


Visiting Dosar Cave is difficult and is known as one of the most technical caves in Iran and only professional and experienced cavers with full equipment can visit it.


The main part of the cave is a very large hall and the entrance to the cave is located on the roof of this hall. For this reason, it is possible to enter the cave with a rope and suspended. The distance from the roof to the floor of the cave is about 90 meters. This route requires a lot of courage. Exit from the cave is also possible through the same hole in the roof of the cave, which requires a lot of physical fitness and physical ability, because the whole 90-meter route must be climbed with the help of a thin rope, which is a tedious and very difficult task.


The dimensions of the hall are about 385 by 265 meters and due to its large size, its size can hardly be imagined. Lack of sufficient light in the cave and the impossibility of illuminating the cave space has also caused the main cave to be in complete darkness and the minds of cavers are unable to imagine its dimensions.


A large area of ​​the cave floor is covered with large and small rocks, indicating that the cave was created or enlarged by an earthquake or other similar phenomenon.


Unlike many other caves, there are no abstracts and drops in Dosar Cave and it is weak in terms of interior decoration. Of course, in parts of the cave, small polished stones that look like pearls are formed and create a beautiful view.


Mehdi Gholami.

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