Kol Chap canyon, Kul, Kool

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Kol Chap canyon, Kul, Kool

Kol Chap canyon, Lorestan, Iran
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Kol Chap or Kul Chap is one of the famous valleys in Lorestan province, which is in the middle of the Khorram Abad to Andimishk highway. Kol Chap is known as one of the important sights of Lorestan province because of its beautiful natural attractions. In the Lori language, Kol is a deep and mountainous valley surrounded by rocky walls.





Environmental feature in the Kol Chap

Kolchep valley and waterfall is one of the habitats of the Lorestan salamander (known as the spotted emperor salamander). This salamander, which is a very rare species, is up to 14 centimeters long, and its skin is brown on the back, with beautiful yellow or orange spots and stripes. This rare species of salamander is found only in the southern regions of Lorestan province.


Pictures of “astalactites and astalagmites” are among the other wonders of the Kol-Chep Valley that fascinates every viewer. The water that drips drop by drop from limestone and chalk rocks, after evaporation, leaves lime deposits and over time these deposits hang from the ceiling in the form of chandeliers, which are called “Astalactite”.



Where is Kol Chap?

This canyon and seasonal waterfall is located 75 km from Khorram Abad to Andimshek on the way of the new highway (Zal bridge) before reaching Dere Kay tunnel. 



Access route to Kol Chap

After leaving the highway, there is a earthen road approximately 5 kilometers long to reach the beginning of the valley, which must be covered by SUV cars. After that, by trekking for about 2 hours, you can reach the end of the valley and its waterfall.



The best season to visit this area

Kol chap has a warm climate. Undoubtedly, the best season to visit this region is late winter and early spring.


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