Kol Khersan, Kul Kherson

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Kol Khersan, Kul Kherson

Kol Khersan Canyon, Kul Khersan, Kool Khersan, Khuzestan
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Khuzestan is a province in the south of Iran, which is also called the land of Khozis or Hoozis. The people of this region are very warm-hearted and hospitable, and due to its tourist attractions, it has caused many tourists to be interested in traveling to this tropical region. In this article, we are going to talk about Kol Khersan Valley in Khuzestan, an exciting attraction that is a complete adventure. One of the recommendations for travelers to travel to the Kul-Khersan Valley in Khuzestan is safety advice, because if you are careless, you may lose your health. 



The valley of Kul Khersan in Khuzestan or Eshkaft Zardeh, which is known as the valley of ghosts, is one of the attractions of Iran, which due to its pristine and unique nature can be used by those who are adventurous. And exciting trips are the perfect host. When traveling to this spectacular attraction, you can see a collection of natural monuments such as rivers, waterfalls, springs and have created an attractive symphony together. To access Kol Khersan in Khuzestan, you have to go to 25 km of Dezful city and it is located near Bishe Bozan village. It is interesting to know that there is no reliable information about the naming of this valley as Kol Khersan, but it is said that in the past, this valley was the place where bears lived and for this reason it is called Khersan Kol, Kol also means in the local language as a valley.

In order to visit Kul-e-Khersan valley in Khuzestan, you have to trek about 20 to 25 kilometers and experience a lot of difficulties, but we can safely say that visiting this area is worth all the hardships. To get acquainted with the atmosphere of this valley, imagine high walls that surround you and do not allow you to see the sky. Maybe that’s why it was named Valley of the Spirits. These walls are so close to each other that they allow only one person to pass through them, and at the end they lead you to the river Dez, where the water temperature reaches 20 degrees Celsius. This is just a corner of the effects of Kul Khersan Valley in Khuzestan.


What you will see along the way to reach Khersan!

Along the way you are going to visit the Khersan Valley in Khuzestan, you will pass by the Dez Dam Lake, which will make you feel a lot of body water when you see the clear water in it. After rejuvenation and some rest, you continue your way and reach the old cemetery of Shadab Castle. Shadab Castle is known as one of the largest natural castles in Iran. This castle is completely dug into the mountain and is very different from other castles.

In the valley of Kul Khersan you will see the remains of a mill that was probably used by the Bakhtiari tribe living in this place in the past. Juniper, cedar, almond and palm trees are the trees that are gradually being seen and announce the approach of Kol Khersan, which is supposed to enchant you with its wonders.


Climate of Kul Khersan Valley in Khuzestan

Due to the geographical location of Kol Khersan valley in Khuzestan and a relatively short distance from Dezful city, there is a big difference in temperature with it and in summer it is very cool and the temperature of this region varies between 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. . The cool and pleasant weather in summer and the fame of this valley called the Valley of Ghosts, has attracted adventurous tourists from all over Iran. This has led to deadly accidents in recent years. Therefore, first of all, we must say that traveling to the valley of ghosts in Khuzestan is not for everyone and you should never go to this valley without proper guidance and equipment! The best time to complete the Kul-e Khersan survey is mid-June, because with the end of spring rains and warmer weather, you are less at risk. Take warnings seriously! If you want the excitement of this trip, you can enjoy it with an experienced and versatile guide. Otherwise, never, ever go to Kol Khersan alone.


Access to Khersan Valley in Khuzestan

Address: Khuzestan province, 32 km north of Dezful

In order to access the Kul Khersan valley, there are two ways that you can choose one of them, which we will describe below.

From Bishe Bozan village in Shahyoun area, you can access this valley through Shahyoun road from Dezful.
Islamabad village is another route through which you can access this valley. 
To reach the entrance of Kol Khersan, you must be ready for at least 4 km of walking, which sometimes takes place on steep slopes and relatively uneven paths.


Equipment needed to travel to Kol Khersan

As we have said, Kul-e-Khersan Valley in Khuzestan is one of those attractions that you must observe caution to travel to, for this reason, we need to mention some things to you, including having adequate physical fitness, one of It is one of the most important factors in traveling to this region. Knowing the basics of mountaineering will help you enjoy this trip more. If you are planning to go boating in Dez, be sure to do so with the right equipment and do not risk your life.


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