Subatan-Lisar forest Trekking, Sobatan

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Subatan-Lisar forest Trekking, Sobatan

sobatan lisar trekking
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Subatan is located 36 km northwest of Talesh city and 17 km south of Lake Neor Ardabil at altitude of 1900 meters above sea level. This area has a small population that is generally inhabited during the warmer months of the year. Subatan has cool springs and cool climate and has grassy green lands. The Subatan-Lisar forest route was one of the access routes to this village in the past, which is completely forgotten today and no one use it except professional nature trekking teams. The long route, the lack of any amenities and accommodation are among the reasons why tourists do not welcome this route.




The Subatan-Lisar forest route, except for a short part from the beginning, is covered with large and lush trees, which has created unique landscapes and completely wild nature. The whole route from Sobtan Lisar summer is about 23 km, which has an altitude change of about 1700 meters.


Difficulties on the way from Subatan to Lisar

This route has no facilities, it is necessary to carry all the equipment and food needed by the tourist. For this reason, it is more difficult than other routes. Lack of proper drinking water is another problem of this route.


Planning for this route

The route from Subatan to Lisar is possible in two forms, one day and two days. If you want to walk for a day, you need to leave Subatan early in the morning and walk all 23 kilometers without a long stop. But for a two-day walk, you can use a tent in a good place to rest at night.


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