Maulana Zainuddin Abu Bakr Taybadi shrin

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Maulana Zainuddin Abu Bakr Taybadi shrin

Abobakr Taibadi Shrine, Khorasan Razavi
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Next to the old cemetery of Taybad city, the ancient and historical complex of the shrine of Maulana Zainuddin Abu Bakr Taybadi has been built. This old building was built by the great Iranian architects who lived in that period. Among these architects, we can mention the brothers of Ghias-ud-Din and Ghavam Shirazi, who were built by the order and under the supervision of Ghias-ud-Din Pir Ahmad Khafafi, the famous minister of Shahrokh Teymouri, in 1444 (848 AH.)


One of the most important, prominent and largest historical monuments of the city can be the high porch and decorated with pleasant and beautiful tiles and inscriptions that are built today next to the old cemetery of Taybad city and show the devotion of heart and attention to the character of Zayn al-Din Abu Bakr has a reputation among the general public.


He is one of the Sufi sheikhs and one of the mystics of the eighth century AH.


The burial place of Sheikh Zainuddin Taybadi is located in the area of ​​this historical complex, and next to it, there is a beautiful mosque and porch with two rooms that have a path on both sides.

One of the important and beautiful features of this building is a brick inscription that was built among the turquoise tiles of the porch and is in the Sols line and written by Jalaluddin Mohammad Ibn Jafar.


Biography of Maulana Zayn al-Din Abu Bakr Taybadi

Maulana Zayn al-Din Abu Bakr Taybadi was one of the famous mystics of the eighth century AH who lived in Khorasan. This great custom died at the end of Muharram in 791 AH. His tomb is in Taybad.

Most historians and biographers have mentioned the name of Zayn al-Din Taybadi as Zayn al-Din Abu Bakr Taybadi in their books and treatises.


However, the author of the book Majalis al-Mu’minin believes that the name of this man is the same as the name of his great ancestor Sheikh Fazel Maulana Zainuddin Ali Taybadi. Many have also called him a follower of the great cleric and disciple of Ahmad Namqi Jami in the Oveyssi sect and in other sciences, including the students of Maulana Nizamuddin Heravi.


Sheikh Jami has written in one of his books that Sheikh Zayn al-Din Abu Bakr Taybadi has been going to Ahmad Jami‘s tomb barefoot for seven years because of his heartfelt devotion to Sheikh Ahmad Jam. At a distance, he stood in front of the sheikh’s tomb and recited the Qur’an, and each time he shortened the distance until he reached Torbat-e-Sheikh after seven years.


Mehdi Gholami.

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