Kalat Castle, Bandar Lengeh

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Kalat Castle, Bandar Lengeh

The castle of Kalat village near Bandar Aftab, Hormozgan
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The castle of Kalat village is built on top of a mountain near the Persian Gulf. There is a deep valley on the north side of the castle, which makes the castle impenetrable from the north side. It seems that the people who designed and built the fort wisely built it in a place where enemies would have the least access to it. At the same time, due to the difference in the height of the tower and the ramparts with the surrounding lands, the inhabitants of the castle have had good nobility around them.



The only way to enter this fort is through the gate on the south side. This gate is at the top of a steep path. So that if a person wants to enter the castle, he has to go up a steep path. This issue is also deliberately designed to make access to the castle more difficult.

History of Kalat castle in Bandar Lengeh

The castles of Bandar Langeh region were generally built for the life of local rulers. Kalat Castle was also built for the life of Sheikh Suleiman al-Hammadi.

Bani Hammadi tribe was one of the immigrant Arab tribes in Hormozgan province. This tribe ruled the villages and areas around Bandar Maqam, Merbagh, Lalami and Lawan Island for about two hundred years. The remaining castles in these areas were also often built by this tribe. It is said that the castle of Kalat village of Bandar Langeh was also founded by Sheikh Suleiman bin Muhammad Al Hammadi around the year 1218 AH. After the Islamic revolution, most of the people of this tribe left Iran at the invitation of the sheikhs of Qatar. The last person of the sheikhs of this tribe was Ali Hammadi. 

Architecture of Kalat castle in Bandar Lengeh

Although Kalat Castle has suffered a lot of damage due to time, but still in some walls and columns, you can see the elegance of the craftsmen’s art. The castles in Bandar Lange were usually built in two floors. The upper floor was dedicated to the life of the castle owners. While on the first floor, there were sections for food storage, servants’ living quarters, kitchen and animal stables.

The columns left from Kalat Castle have many carvings and reliefs. These motifs still remember the glory of the past. The windows and above the doors also have the same and regular arches.

Kalat Castle is abandoned and in ruins. Over the past years, due to erosion and natural factors such as storms and rain, this castle has suffered a lot of damage. Also, some profit-seeking people have destroyed many parts of this castle in search of treasure and valuables. It seems that Kalat Castle and its similar castles need the attention and care of the cultural heritage and tourism officials of Hormozgan province.


Where is Kalat castle in Bandar Lengeh?

Kalat Castle is located 14 km from Chirouye village and south of Marbagh village. Kalat village is bounded by Gerzeh village from the east side and Persian Gulf from the south side. Bandar Aftab is located a short distance from this fort.

The best time to visit Kalat castle in Bandar Lengeh

Southern cities of Iran have more pleasant weather in winter, autumn and early spring. In these seasons, you can visit the nature of Iran in these areas, historical houses and ancient monuments.

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