Mond Protected Area

Helleh River Protected Area Wildlife
Helleh Protected Area
September 28, 2020
Tahmadon Island, Persian Gulf, Bushehr, Iran
Tahmadon Island
September 28, 2020

Mond Protected Area

Mond Protected Area
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Bushehr province is one of the provinces that is attractive to enthusiasts due to its attractive nature and attracts many nature lovers in autumn and winter. In the meantime, the existence of protected areas with rich vegetation and animals is one of the rare attractions of this tropical province.



Mand River is one of the most important rivers in Bushehr province, which originates from the mountains of Fars province and after a long route, finally flows into the Persian Gulf. At the confluence of the sea, the river has created a vast plain with good soil that has become home to a variety of animals. Today, this area is at the disposal of the Environment Organization in a protected way, and for this reason, it has restrictions on entering and visiting it, and it must be done in coordination with this organization.


At the end of its route, the Mond River, with its many mazes, has created enclosed and inaccessible areas, which have created a suitable space for animal and plant life.


Due to the presence of river water and rich soil, this region has a spring and lush nature from early winter, and thus allows the growth and development of various animals. From mid-spring, due to the hot weather, this area gradually dries up.


During the winter, when most of the provinces of Iran are cold, this region is green and full of colorful flowers and hosts many species of animals, one of the most important of which is deer. Boars, foxes, wolves, hyenas, rabbits and wild cats are other inhabitants of this area.


To visit this area, in coordination with the Environmental Protection Agency, you can enter the city of “Bordekhoon“.


Mehdi Gholami.

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