Morche Khort Castle, Morcheh

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October 1, 2020
Dorfak Forest, Gilan, Iran
Dorfak Forest
October 2, 2020

Morche Khort Castle, Morcheh

Morcheh khort old castle
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Isfahan is one of the central provinces of Iran, which due to its large size, has a significant number of tourism sights , including cultural and nature tourism. One of the important attractions of this province is its spectacular villages, which have many attractions for enthusiasts, especially in desert areas. The charm of these villages is for various reasons. Some of them have traditional texture and architecture, some of them are famous for their beautiful nature.





Morche Khort is one of the villages of Isfahan province, which is located about 50 km north of Isfahan and is of special importance among tourists due to its old castle.


Morche Khort Castle is actually the old place of the village where the inhabitants lived. The existence of towers, fortifications and strong walls is due to the need for security for the village so that it is not easily attacked and looted. Similar villages can be seen in other parts of Iran and Isfahan province and show the insecure past of these areas.


Signs of permanent life in this castle are well visible. The presence of Imamzadeh and a small cemetery in it, along with facilities such as baths are reasons for this permanent life.


Morche Khort castle is now deserted and no one lives there. Due to this, many parts of the castle are being destroyed and many damages have been suffered. However, with the efforts of those in charge, the main walls and parts of the inside of the castle are being restored to prevent further damage.


Morche Khort castle is located in the middle of the new fabric of the village and new houses have been built around it. It is not difficult to visit the castle and you can enter it in coordination with the castle trustee.


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