Ain Al-Rashid Caravansary

Qasr-e bahram caravansary
Ghasr-e Bahram Caravansary, Qasr-e Bahraam
October 1, 2020
Morcheh khort old castle
Morche Khort Castle, Morcheh
October 1, 2020

Ain Al-Rashid Caravansary

Ain-al-rashid caravansary
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Caravanserais are among the beautiful sights. In addition to the ancient and cultural attractions due to the creation of amenities for the travel of friends and nature travelers, have been considered today.
From ancient times, trade in Iran has been considered as one of the most important jobs and to serve the merchants, various routes have been built for the caravans to travel. One of the requirements of these routes is the construction of places for night rest and rejuvenation, which are known as caravanserais.

There are many caravanserais in Iran, most of which were built during the Safavid period. After the introduction of cars into human life, these caravanserais gradually lost their use and at times they often suffered serious damage. In recent years, inns have attracted the attention of the tourism industry, and many have been renovated.

One of the important caravanserais located in Semnan province and south of Garmsar is “Ain al-Rashid” which is located a short distance from Ghasr-e Bahram caravansary. Ain al-Rashid is one of the caravanserais that has suffered a lot of damage over time and many parts of it have been destroyed. But you can still see the signs of its greatness and beauty. This inn, like other inns, has a large courtyard surrounded by small rooms for travelers to rest.

Ain al-Rashid caravansary is located in the middle of low hills covered with small bushes. This vegetation is a sign of rich wildlife in this area.
Ain al-Rashid is located in the heart of Kavir National Park, so visiting it requires obtaining a permit from the Environment Organization. In addition, due to the inconvenient and long access road, it is necessary to use a SUV car on this type of road.

Mehdi Gholami.

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