Ghasr-e Bahram Caravansary, Qasr-e Bahraam

Kavir national park, wildlife, Semnan, Iran
Kavir National Park
October 1, 2020
Ain-al-rashid caravansary
Ain Al-Rashid Caravansary
October 1, 2020

Ghasr-e Bahram Caravansary, Qasr-e Bahraam

Qasr-e bahram caravansary
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Numerous caravansary can be seen in almost all of Iran, most of which were built in the Safavid period and some of them were rebuilt in later periods. Meanwhile, the caravansary in the center of Iran, which has a dry climate, are more important because next to these caravansary, you can access amenities, especially water.



Ghasr-e Bahram is one of these caravansary which is located in Iran. This caravansary is located in the south of Garmsar and north of Marnjab and today it is considered not only as a cultural heritage but also for the use of nature lovers.


Ghasr-e Bahram Caravansary is located in the middle of a vast plain and there are no other artificial structures around it for a relatively long distance. The distance of this caravansary from cities and villages has caused it to be considered as an ideal place for observation activities and observing the night sky by those interested in this science.


Ghasr-e Bahram has been recently renovated and its rooms are provided to tourists as accommodation. The beautiful walls of this caravansary are made of beautiful large stones that have added to its grandeur. The courtyard and the space inside the caravansary have been preserved in its traditional form, and you can see the image that the caravan travelers faced in the past. The presence of a pond and lush trees inside the yard, in addition to humans, also attracts many birds and has created a good opportunity to photograph them.


Visiting Qasr-e Bahram Caravansary, due to its location in the heart of Kavir National Park, requires a permit from the Environmental Protection Organization, and you cannot enter the area without this permission. In addition to this limitation, due to the long and unsuitable access routes to this caravansary, it is necessary to use a SUV car.


Mehdi Gholami.

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