Oraman Takht village, Avroman, Hawraman, Uraman

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Shahre-chai Lake
October 3, 2020
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October 4, 2020

Oraman Takht village, Avroman, Hawraman, Uraman

Horaman takht village, Kordestan, Iran
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Rural tourism is one of the most important branches in the field of tourism, especially nature tourism, which has attracted many enthusiasts. The existence of many beautiful and special villages in Iran has made these enthusiasts have many options for their travels.





Each of the villages of Iran has special reasons for its attractiveness. Some of these villages are famous for their lush and beautiful nature and some for being next to an important historical or natural monument. A number of well-known villages have also been included in the list of most visited villages due to their special and different architectural style.


There is a beautiful village in Kurdistan province, which is among the attractive villages for tourists both because of its special architecture and because it is located in a green and beautiful area. This village, which is known as Oraman or Oraman Takht, has a stepped architectural style and the roof of each house is considered as a neighboring yard.


The architecture of Oramanat is completely adapted to the mountains, and the houses in the villages of the region are built in a stepped manner due to the steep slope of the rocky slopes. Most houses are built on two floors and depending on the standard of living, the spaces of the houses are different from each other.


Oraman is located in the middle of a lush and wide valley, and thus there is enough reason to visit it. The use of uniform materials adds to the charm of this spectacular village and you can experience a lot of pleasure by walking in it.


Oraman Takht village is located 150 km west of Sanandaj, but due to the mountainous access routes, it takes a relatively long time.


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