Shahre-chai Lake

Kani Gravan Mineral Spring
Kani Gravan Spring
October 3, 2020
Horaman takht village, Kordestan, Iran
Oraman Takht village, Avroman, Hawraman, Uraman
October 3, 2020

Shahre-chai Lake

Shahr-e chai Lake Dam
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The Zagros Mountains, due to heavy snowfall and rain, are among the most important parts of Iran, where many rivers and springs can be seen. The provinces that are located in the middle of this mountain range, with their stable water resources, have benefited more from this blessing than many other provinces.

Meanwhile, West Azerbaijan province is one of the provinces that has an important position in terms of the number and size of existing rivers due to its location in the mountainous regions of the Zagros. In a way, this province is one of the most important provinces in Iran in the production of horticultural products such as apples.

The need to control floods and store excess water during the rainy seasons has caused many dams to be needed in this province, and the construction of these dams, in addition to its economic benefits, has led to a boom in tourism in many places. This tourism boom is due to the creation of beautiful lakes behind these dams, which attracts many enthusiasts.

Shahre-chai Dam is one of these lakes which has become one of the important tourist destinations of the province due to its beauty and proximity to big cities such as Urmia. This dam is located about 15 km southwest of Urmia city and due to easy access, on holidays many enthusiasts to use the nature of this lake go on this short trip.

Shahre-chai Dam was built on a river of the same name, which originates from the mountainous areas of the Iranian-Turkish border. This river crosses the dam to Urmia and causes extensive development in this city and the border of Lake Urmia.

There are no amenities around the lake and it is necessary to bring all the necessities of travel.

Mehdi Gholami.

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