Shah Bahram River

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November 3, 2020
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Shah Bahram River

Shah Bahram River, Kohgiluyeh Boier Ahmad
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“Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad” province have a mountainous and relatively rainy climate due to their location in the Zagros mountains. This province is one of the beautiful regions of Iran with its vast and lush forests. Heavy rains naturally cause numerous springs and rivers in this region and create a large catchment area for large rivers in the region. In this catchment area, small rivers gradually merge to form large rivers.

In the middle of “Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad” province, there is a large river called “Shah Bahram”, part of which originates from the slopes of Khami mountain. Khami mountain is one of the beautiful and rainy areas of “Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad” province, which is the source of many rivers with good rainfall. One of these rivers, which is also known as one of the tourist areas of this province, is known as “Rode Roneh” (Roneh River). The Roneh River, which flows through a long and lush valley, is one of the tributaries of the “Shah Bahram” river.

Shah Bahram” is one of the beautiful rivers of “Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad” province, which along its route causes the development and irrigation of many agricultural lands. One of the villages where this beautiful river can be seen well is known as the same river, namely “Shah Bahram”, and it is located on the way from Basht to Choram.

Erosion caused by the water of this river; It has created deep valleys with high walls that, along with a small but lush oak tree, offer stunning views. The river bank is covered in many places by various trees and plants, which has added to the river’s attractiveness.

After a long journey and crossing the Kowsar Dam Lake, “Shah Bahram” finally joins the Zohreh River, which originates from the north of Fars province. The Zohreh River joins the Persian Gulf near Hendijan, thus ending the long journey of these rivers from the Zagros Mountains to the beautiful Persian Gulf.

Mehdi Gholami.

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