Tang-e Helt Canyon

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Gavmishan Bridge, Pol-e Gavmishan
October 12, 2022
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October 16, 2022

Tang-e Helt Canyon

Helt canyon, Lorestan, Khoram Abad
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Tang-e Helt is one of the famous canyons in Lorestan province, which is in the middle of the Khorram Abad to Andimishk highway. Tang-e Helt is known as one of the important sights of Lorestan province because of its beautiful natural attractions. 




Features of Tang-e Helt

Helt or Held is one of the beautiful canyons of Lorestan province, which is located in the middle of high walls. A river flows inside this canyon, which has added to the beauty of Helt and created beautiful scenery.


Geology of Helt canyon

Helt canyon was created over time and due to water erosion. The presence of springs and running water has changed the shape of the sedimentary and limestone layers, and over time and due to the passage of water, this amazing canyon has been created.



Where is the Helt canyon?

Helt canyon is in Lorestan province. This beautiful canyon is located on the Zal-Khorram Abad freeway between the tunnels of Khargoshan 1 and 2.

Address: 90 km from Zal freeway towards Andimeshk

The length of Helt is about four kilometers and if you move at an average speed, it will take approximately 2 hours to cross this canyon and it will take the same amount of time to return this way. The water depth of Helt sometimes reaches up to 1.5 meters.



Access route to Helt canyon

Helt canyon is located right next to the freeway and you can reach the beginning of this canyon by walking about 100 meters. At the starting point of the walk, there is a space for car parking.



The best season to visit this area

Due to the location and weather conditions of Helt , the best time to travel to this amazing place is the summer season. During the rest of the year, it is dangerous to travel to this place due to the rain and the subsequent increase in the depth of the canyon and the possibility of flooding.


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