Colorful Mountains 

Babak Fort, Babak Castle
Babak Castle
October 2, 2020
Asyab Kharabeh Waterfall
Asiab-Kharabeh Waterfall
October 2, 2020

Colorful Mountains 

Colorful Mountain, Ahar, Tabriz, Iran
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Geological phenomena are among the tourist attractions that their presence in any region can cause the flourishing and prosperity of this important industry and business of the people. Examples of these phenomena can be seen in most parts of Iran, but perhaps the highest density of such attractions can be seen in southern Iran and inside some islands in the Persian Gulf. Hormoz is one of these islands that has a wide range of geological phenomena and receives many travelers every year, especially in the cold seasons.



But in the meantime, other provinces are not without such beauties. One of the most beautiful and examples can be seen in the province of East Azerbaijan, which is known as the colorful mountains or “Ala Dagh Lar“. These mountains are covered with an astonishing variety of colors and it is hard to believe that all these natural landscapes were created without human intervention. The colorful mountains of this province, like a vast painting with various and happy colors, have become a place for visiting and photographing enthusiasts.


This type of colorful mountains can be seen in several parts of East Azerbaijan province. One of the best and most accessible is the highway from Ahar to Tabriz and about 20 km from Tabriz, which can be seen from the side of the road to see these colorful mountains. It is possible to enter and visit the deeper parts of these mountains and you can see more different views.


This variety of colors in the soil is due to the presence of different compounds, each of which has created its own unique color.


Mehdi Gholami.

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