Asiab-Kharabeh Waterfall

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October 2, 2020
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October 2, 2020

Asiab-Kharabeh Waterfall

Asyab Kharabeh Waterfall
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East Azerbaijan is a beautiful province in the northeast of Iran, which attracts many tourists with its various tourist attractions. These works include a wide range of sights, among which cultural, ancient and natural sights can be seen. In this province, different villages, roaring rivers and beautiful lakes can be seen, which is only a small part of its sights.

Near the cities of Hadi Shahr and Jolfa, there is one of the most important natural monuments of East Azerbaijan province, which is one of the well-known attractions of this region with its beauty. The Asiab Kharabeh Waterfall is in fact a wide waterfall whose water flows into it in a wide area from the top of the relatively long valley and creates unique landscapes.
The name of this waterfall was due to the existence of a water mill, which was used by the people of the region many years ago, but now it is not used due to the destruction of most of it, and for this reason it is known as a Asiab Kharabeh Waterfall (ruined mill waterfall).

The Asiab Kharabeh Waterfall consists of small and large waterfalls, the water of which is supplied from several springs at the top of the mill, which originates from Kiamaki Mountain. The surface of the walls of the waterfall is covered with moss and other aquatic plants and a beautiful view has been created. Many trees have grown around these waterfalls, which have created a pleasant landscape.

This tourist attraction is located about 160 km north of Tabriz and 27 km from Hadishahr and on the border of Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan. Access to this waterfall is not difficult and can be reached with a short walk. There are amenities near the waterfall and it can be used.

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