Shahrestanak Trekking

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Shahrestanak Trekking

Shahrestanak Trekking, Karaj, Iran
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One of the well-known hiking trails around Tehran is Shahrestanak, which has become very popular with nature lovers in Tehran and Alborz provinces due to its features. This route starts from Shahrestanak village and finally leads to Nasreddin Shah‘s step palace.

After leaving the village, the path passes through the alleys of tree-lined gardens, where on both sides you can see many fruit trees, especially cherries. During the summer, the trees in this area bend under the weight of the fruit. Of course, visiting this route is possible in all seasons and each season has its own charm. In spring, trees can be seen in full bloom, and in autumn, the colorful leaves of the trees give a different effect to this path.
The trail passes by a small river and this river is visible to the end, which doubles the pleasure of traveling.

The whole trail is about 4 km, which can be completed in less than two hours and finally reach the old palace. The Nasiri palace has not been restored and the passage of time and human and natural factors have caused a lot of damage to its texture. However, its beauty is still impressive and you can spend hours with it.

Next to the palace, there is a large and flat area for nature lovers to rest, and in some places, pavilions have been built for this purpose. Apart from this, there are no other amenities and it is necessary to bring the necessities needed for a day trip.

Shahrestanak trekking route is relatively short and can be walked by all people.

Mehdi Gholami.

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