Lake Urmia

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Shahrestanak Trekking
October 2, 2020
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Kani Barazan Wetland
October 3, 2020

Lake Urmia

Urmia lake, Kazem Dashi
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Mountains with a lot of water storage, which is the result of melting winter snow, cause prosperity around them for a long time. Most of the great rivers of Iran originate from the mountains, especially the Zagros Mountains, and many lakes appear at the foot of these high mountains.

Part of the Zagros Mountains on the border of West Azerbaijan Province with Turkey, due to its high altitude and vastness, with the storage of huge amounts of snow, has created large rivers on its slopes and has created pristine nature and pleasant climate. These rivers eventually lead to a huge lake, which is the largest inland lake in Iran.

Lake Urmia is located between the two provinces of East and West Azerbaijan and it is not possible to assign it to one of these two provinces. There are access routes to the lake from both provinces and it can be visited.

One of the important features of Lake Urmia is its abundant salt content. The salinity of this lake is such that many aquatic animals are not able to live in it and this marine life is limited to a variety of bacteria and algae. Many mammals and birds can be seen on the shores and islands of this lake. In addition, a variety of insects can be seen along the water, which is another attraction.

Due to the salinity of the water, the environment near the lake is empty of trees and dense vegetation, but at farther distances, in the spring, the whole environment is filled with green meadows and colorful flowers, which create a unique image with the view of snow-capped mountains. Visiting Lake Urmia is possible from different situations. But one of the most famous and attractive places is an area called “Kazem Dashi” which is located in the north of the lake. From here you can see a beautiful picture of the lake and some beautiful peninsulas. This place can be reached by car and can be easily accessed.

One of the features of Urmia Lake is its water color, which tends to be red in some seasons. This color is due to the presence of microscopic animals in the water, which changes of water colors.

Mehdi Gholami.

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