Farahzad village

Mesr Village Desert, Isfahan, Iran
Mesr village, desert
September 17, 2020
Arosan village, Arusan, Isfahan, Iran
Arousan village, Arosan, Arusan
September 18, 2020

Farahzad village

Farahzad Village, Isfahan, Iran
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Desert villages are always threatened by natural factor due to the siege between the sands and may sooner or later lose their living conditions due to the arrival of large amounts of sand. Many villages have disappeared in recent years because of this, and many villages are currently facing this problem.


But in the meantime, there are villages that have turned this threat into an opportunity to attract tourists, because from the point of view of a tourist, the presence of sand near a village means a unique natural attraction, and therefore many tourists want to travel to see these villages have. One of these villages is known as Farahzad, which is located a short distance from the well-known village of Mesr.

By passing through the village of Mesr to the north and walking about 3 km between the groves and farms of the village of Mesr, the last settlement of the desert in this area, Farahzad village, can be reached, which is a small village with a small population. Farahzad is the end of the road. It is possible to continue the journey by car only to visit natural attractions.


About 3 km after Farahzad village, we reach Chal Selkenoon, and shortly after that, the sands of the Takht-e Aroos (bride’s throne) and the Takht-e Abbasi (Abbasi throne) begin.


Residents of Farahzad village are engaged in agriculture. Of course, in recent years, with the arrival of many tourists, well-equipped accommodations with many facilities for domestic and foreign tourists have been created, and this factor has led to a great prosperity of business in this remote village.


Mehdi Gholami.

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